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Published: 13th June 2011
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If you don't understand anything about Squinkies playthings, then I'm here to express to you everything about these types of funny, cutie, squishy, squooshy as well as squashy toys. So let's start our trip on the world of Squinkies!

A Squinkie can be a tiny, collectible doll which is really soft and squishy. There are more compared to 2 hundred different character types to collect and everybody comes packed in a surprise bubble. Surprise bubbles is one more part of fun. You may need them to play using colorful play sets and also add-ons. Each play set and add-on carries a special unique structure pertaining to playing with bubbles. By way of example let's look at the Gumball Surprise Playhouse, it seems as if real gum ball unit. It has a exclusive roomy space for bubbles, a slot for just a coin and small entrance way where Squinkies take place from. So to get a toy you need to put one coin into the coin slot and switch a handle, one surprise bubble will appear in the door way. It's a great deal of fun to have this sort of magic machine, you also can use it to treat your little ones.

But let's go onward to our tiny dolls. As I said there are actually more than 200 exclusive characters, so who they may be and how they appear like? On the one palm Squinkies toys are split on 8 groups and on the flip side each doll belongs to at least one of 8 clubs, it is interesting to collect all of them by groups or club sets. And the groups tend to be Friends, Babies, Kitties, Puppies, Pets, Ponies, Rare in addition to Things. Friends group comprises of little girls, boys, princesses etc .. Babies are babies. Kitties, Puppies and Ponies groups consist from a number of color cats, dogs and ponies. Pets group consists from lots of different animals and more such as monkeys, elephants, bugs, these people own in and etc. Rare group includes every type of dolls, but they may be all made from unique sparkling material, which is usually green, blue, yellow, pink or purple. And finally additional small things, it could be whatever, like TV established or princess's shoe and also clew or dog's treat, it's just additional cute small items to collect together with dolls. Now let's look at the clubs, here they may be Heart, Star, Butterfly, Moon, Flower, Diamond, Crown, Sunlight. Each doll has special sign and also this sign tells us what club it belongs to be able to. So you can gather them by characters or by clubs or perhaps to choose your favorite ones.

Together with squishy dolls you'll discover lots of colorful and funny add-ons, play models and accessories:

  • Princess Bracelet

  • Fantasy Bracelet

  • Birthday Bracelet

  • Gumball Playhouse

  • Cupcake Bakeshop

  • Palace

  • Tea Time

  • Shopping Fun

  • Bride To be able to Be

  • Royal Friends

  • Under Your Sea

Children these days 're going mad over the different toy squinkies, they have become fond of these tiny miniature toys which often can be found in every design ranging from puppies to kittens, from toddlers to princesses, pets to ponies. The product was released in July of the year and has gained a lot of appreciation by children ranging from five and above.

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